Web Analytics 101

You probably hope to do two major things:  increase revenue and decrease costs.  Well how do you know you’re being successful or failing miserably? What can you measure to figure out if you’re being successful?  Web analytics is growing in complexity and becoming more focused on these important outcomes instead of things like page views, site hits, etc…

Web Analytics Cover

Web Analytics 2.0 by Avinash Kaushik

In a new book called Web Analytics 2.0 Avinash Kaushik sets forth a model of how businesses should approach web analytics in trying to find data that can help you make decisions about your presence on the web.  While most of our clients utilize Google Analytics, we thought a refresher on terminology would be a good thing. Avinash refers to this list as the eight critical web metrics.

  1. Visit/Session – Someone came to the site and browsed.
  2. Unique Visitors – Should tell you how many individuals have visited your page.
  3. Time on Page – How much time vistors spent on one page of the site.
  4. Time on Site – How much time visitors spent on your site overall.
  5. Bounce Rate – The percentage of sessions on your website with only one page view.
  6. Exit Rate – How many people left your website from a certain page.
  7. Conversion Rate – Outcomes divided by Unique Visitors (Outcome could be order submission or email sign-up)
  8. Engagement – Some call time on site

We’ll talk more about web analytics in the blog, but the basics are priceless.  If you haven’t already done so, start learning about what you’re using to measure activity on your website and get used to seeing reports.  Most metrics programs do measure these 8, so taking a look at those should provide some insights on the “foundational data” as Avinash calls it.