Recycle – Reuse – Repurpose

When you’re focused on maintaining a dynamic website, content is king. When you’re developing your content you want to think about what the site will be and how you want people to interact with it.  The type of content depends on your goals for the site.

Your whole website does not need to be recycled material, and it makes sense to create some key pieces from scratch, but re-purposed content presents an opportunity to edit and reuse something you’ve already done.  Remember that your old/new content should be aligned with the goals you first outlined for the site.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Cross-post videos you’ve placed on YouTube or Vimeo, to your website.
  • Reuse images from brochures, catalogs, etc… to spruce up the site.
  • Event pictures – If your company does events, it’s
  • Create twitter feed (If you use this service) so your updates post to your site