The Aha Moment

Working with our clients is always great, but the best moment has to be when it finally clicks. We had an FDInsights meeting today and our clients really responded well to seeing how this foundation for their strategy is going to help them grow the business.

This small business really didn’t have a marketing strategy to begin with so we help them conceptualize and create that document as well.

They did retain us to develop and manage some of their social media applications so looking forward to doing some great things for the client.

The Aha Moment always feels great.

Groundswell – Still Relevant

For companies thinking of implementing digital marketing – this book is a must read.  Published in 2008, Groundswell authors Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff do a great job of explaining what the groundswell is, why it’s important, and how companies can participate.  The book highlights a planning process for building strategy that is priceless.  It’s called the POST method.

  • People – What are your customers/employees ready for? How will they engage?
  • Objectives – What are your goals?
  • Strategy – How do you want those relationships to change?
  • Technology – Last you decide what technology helps you meet those goals.

This is why you see so many inconsistent blogs, stagnant facebook pages and twitter accounts.  People go straight to the technology step.  We heard (insert the name a company that’s probably not even in your competitive set) had a blog and we need to get one.  First you need to get a strategy.  If you’ve already created a blog without the strategy, “POS ” as soon as possible!

Another interesting thing the book does is some ROI analysis of implementing the blog and other dm technologies.  It looks at startup costs, on going costs and benefit analysis.  Included in the costs are the amount of time executives spend working on it (in $) and the cost of their training.  Content production looks like it also takes into account the time of others working on it.

Groundswell.  A good read, even two years later.

And, yes – they do have a blog.  Check it out!

Recycle – Reuse – Repurpose

When you’re focused on maintaining a dynamic website, content is king. When you’re developing your content you want to think about what the site will be and how you want people to interact with it.  The type of content depends on your goals for the site.

Your whole website does not need to be recycled material, and it makes sense to create some key pieces from scratch, but re-purposed content presents an opportunity to edit and reuse something you’ve already done.  Remember that your old/new content should be aligned with the goals you first outlined for the site.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Cross-post videos you’ve placed on YouTube or Vimeo, to your website.
  • Reuse images from brochures, catalogs, etc… to spruce up the site.
  • Event pictures – If your company does events, it’s
  • Create twitter feed (If you use this service) so your updates post to your site

Digital Marketing Looks Good Overall, Social Media Marketing on the Rise

The Society of Digital Agencies released their Digital Marketing Outlook for 2010 and the tone was hopeful.  For the Outlook, SoDA polled more than a thousand individuals engaged in digital marketing:

  • Executives from major global brands
  • Traditional and Digital agencies
  • Vendor and service providers that operate in the Digital space
  • Freelance and independent Digital practitioners.

I think this cross section of the industry is a good representation of the collective voice and the data is quite interesting.

I really think that some of the quotes tell the story though.

Just as much as the conduit for brand storytelling has evolved, the modern consumer of 2010 plays a huge role in your marketing plans. Consumers have beyond proven themselves as content creators and distributors – they are the medium. Consumers are “living, breathing, passionate people who are redirecting traffic and content in real-time, based on personal interests, relationships, and the culture of the moment.” – Peter Caban, Mekanism

Check out the SoDA report here.

Alterian, a marketing firm that also does some research, released a report based on their interviews with  just over 1000 marketers.  The findings were very much what I’d expect.  More than half of respondents said they’re going to invest in social media marketing.  A third said they are investing in social media monitoring and analysis.  Close to half said they don’t incorporate web analytics data into the customer and email database.

Check out the Alterian report.

Conversationalists New in Social Technographics

If you’ve never read Groundswell, add it to the list of books to read soon.  Groundswell does a great job of explaining how the internet is empowering customers and how businesses can adapt to this new environment and thrive in it.  In the book, they have a useful graphic that profiles people (US online adults) by the ways they use the internet.  There are spectators, creators, critics, etc… By grouping individuals this way, Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li are able to give some profound insights.

Check out their post on the topic at the Groundswell blog.

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