Digital Insights for the Game Changers

There are so many exciting organizations out there. Small business start-ups, nonprofits, etc… that are working hard to engage an audience online, but have not developed any basis for a digital strategy.  We’re here to help – and being new in the DC area we hope to make a meaningful splash.

Firm Digital is offering an FD Insights Report to a newer game-changing organization.   (FDInsights is a great starting place for organizations looking to explore digital marketing solutions. It provides overarching industry trends and ideas you can implement to increase your brand awareness.)

Here are the rules:

Submit a simple Word document or PDF about your organization.  Submissions will be accepted until Friday, April 30, 2010.  In this submission, please include:

  • Name and website of the organization
  • Why you do what you do
  • Your Story (Be creative)
  • Why you think a sound digital marketing strategy is key to your business

That’s it.  Look forward to hearing from you and helping your business grow.  Submissions will be accepted at

Storytelling is Changed Forever

As it turns out, there are a lot of industries and businesses that have not embraced digital media but are being dragged into it by leadership that want to do cool things, employees that want these new tools and some communicators (mostly in non consumer goods industries) don’t see why they should hop onboard.

This computer stuff is for the kids — doesn’t cut it anymore. Your leadership wants blogs, they want good ideas shared, and they want it yesterday.

We’re working on a great deck that will be shared online right after the presentation. It’s a private event or we’d upload video too.

Here’s the one liner though: The way people tell stories has changed. You should care about this if storytelling is your job. Presentation day should be enlightening and interactive!

This is another FD offering that customers can take advantage of. We do deck preparation as well as consult with companies of all sizes on how and WHY they should be focusing on implementing and perfecting their approach to digital media.

Drop us a line!

Conversationalists New in Social Technographics

If you’ve never read Groundswell, add it to the list of books to read soon.  Groundswell does a great job of explaining how the internet is empowering customers and how businesses can adapt to this new environment and thrive in it.  In the book, they have a useful graphic that profiles people (US online adults) by the ways they use the internet.  There are spectators, creators, critics, etc… By grouping individuals this way, Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li are able to give some profound insights.

Check out their post on the topic at the Groundswell blog.

Social Technographics

Tell A Story

It never ceases to amaze me how once people start a business, we think that we have to speak in PPT and lofty language to build a business brand.  What every business could use is a compelling story.  What’s the story for why your business exists?  Have you ever written it down?  Well if you haven’t now is the time.  Maybe you spent some time with those thoughts when you developed the content for your “About Us” section of the website.

Stories can be very powerful.  They bring together ideas and emotions in a way that move people and can motivate them to action.  Take a couple minutes today and think about the story of your business.  Why did you start it?  What was the need?  Next you’ll need to think about the obstacles your business has faced.  Take your reader on the journey.

The best way to perfect the story of your business is to tell it.  Practice telling the story to your employees or your friends.  Telling them the story multiple times will help you get it right.  Once the story is ready, you can tell it.  You can tell it to customers, potential customers, employees, and more.  You can even pull it up and read it yourself every once in a while when you need a reminder of why you do what you do.

Tell your story.

Know Your Customer

Three simple words – yet sometimes small businesses don’t take the time to better understand our customer. A customer analysis can really cure this!

Your customer analysis should answer a few questions:

  1. Who are your current/potential customers?
    Ideally you would look at sales data. Look for trends or buckets. Maybe you ship all over the U.S. but have spikes in California and Chicago… why is that?
  2. Why do they buy?
    This is really getting at your customer’s perceived value of your product.
  3. How do they make purchasing decisions?
    Some people like to read other comments on the product. Some are heavily influenced by what their friends purchase. What is true for your customer?
  4. Where do they buy your product?
    Are your products for sale in a very general marketplace, like Amazon, or do you sell your organic hair products out of salons in the area. Which salons have higher order numbers? Why?
  5. When do they buy?
    Is your product more popular in a season or month?

Exploring this data will paint a much better picture of who your customer is. Understanding your target customer is key to finding better ways to present your product.

Seek out qualitative and quantitative data to answer these questions. Qualitative data is mostly gathered by customer focus groups. Quantitative data should come from the records you’re keeping. When was the last time you analyzed your web stats to understand your traffic patterns for the website? Surveying customers has become quite popular as web advances have made sending and analyzing surveys easier.

>>Quick Tip: SurveyMonkey & Zoomerang offer some free survey products worth checking out.

Surveys can be consuming. Other ways to get customer data include mining the information you have or doing focus groups. It can also be beneficial to see who you’re targeting and who’s actually buying. Sometimes reconciling the two can be very enlightening.

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