What We Want in a FirmDigital Client

As a newer digital agency, currently located in the Washington D.C. area, FirmDigital is actively seeking to work with organizations that are excited about the potential that a strong digital strategy brings to their business. They are eager to engage in planning.

When clients come to us, they typically have some data about current customers, trends, and some useful insights into their business. They are brutally honest about their marketing and are poised to reap the benefits of strong digital marketing planning.

So, if that business sounds like yours – get in touch with us asap.

Cisco Unveils “Intelligent Urbanisation”

Digital marketing is a discipline built wholly on the foundation of the internet.  Understanding how the internet will be used in the future gives an admittedly broader view than we’re used to covering but shows the vast potential for the medium to continue evolving.

Cisco’s Intelligent Urbanisation project is just that.  It is a great example of how the internet is evolving.  Cisco is essentially packaging a group of it’s products to support urban infrastructure.  The combined products offer solutions  in public safety and security, transportation, buildings, energy, healthcare and education.

“We will continue to build on our strong foundation in intelligent urbanisation to drive an entire new industry and ecosystem. Academic programs, technical certifications, global partnerships and innovative new products, solutions, and services built and delivered around the globe will be part of the roadmap,” added Elfrink. “We see this as a major global market transition being driven and enabled by the network; and we intend to be the leader of this emerging industry.”

Definitely interesting.

The Aha Moment

Working with our clients is always great, but the best moment has to be when it finally clicks. We had an FDInsights meeting today and our clients really responded well to seeing how this foundation for their strategy is going to help them grow the business.

This small business really didn’t have a marketing strategy to begin with so we help them conceptualize and create that document as well.

They did retain us to develop and manage some of their social media applications so looking forward to doing some great things for the client.

The Aha Moment always feels great.

Conversationalists New in Social Technographics

If you’ve never read Groundswell, add it to the list of books to read soon.  Groundswell does a great job of explaining how the internet is empowering customers and how businesses can adapt to this new environment and thrive in it.  In the book, they have a useful graphic that profiles people (US online adults) by the ways they use the internet.  There are spectators, creators, critics, etc… By grouping individuals this way, Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li are able to give some profound insights.

Check out their post on the topic at the Groundswell blog.

Social Technographics

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