FDInsights is a great starting place for organizations looking to explore digital marketing solutions. It provides overarching industry trends and ideas you can implement to increase your brand awareness.

FDIntensive allows for an in depth assessment of the market and your digital strategies. Opportunities will be accompanied by an estimation of time required to effectively implement the solution.

Other Services:

  • Content Development
  • Social Media Maintenance
  • Newsletter Creation & Publishing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization

Our Process

Business Assessment
We begin with lots of information gathering. In this part of the process we review company marketing goals and current strategy. We also evaluate current tactics being used around digital media.

Industry/Market Assessment
In this part of the process we gather market data to understand the opportunities and industry norms. We also consider any industry data the organization may have about the market. We aggregate qualitative and quantitative information.

Strategy Development
Brainstorming begins. This is where we take everything we’ve learned and begin to develop a plan that incorporates the data we gathered to create the best digital strategy for your company.

Digital Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy is really a supplement to your fundamental marketing strategy.  Your fundamental marketing strategy should address:

  • Objectives {How will you measure success or failure? ex. Mission Statement, Sales, Market share Goals}
  • Customer Targets {Which customers do you want to focus your marketing efforts on?  ex. Small manufacturing businesses with revenues under $5million}
  • Competitor Targets {Who else is competing for that customer?}
  • Core Strategy {What is your competitive advantage? What makes you different/better than your competitors? ex. Low cost leader, highest quality, best brand}
  • Pricing,Distribution,Product,Communications, and CRM {Customer Relationship Management}

Your digital strategy looks at how you can achieve those same marketing objectives using digital tools.


firmdigital is a digital marketing (DM) consulting firm that specializes in developing DM strategies for our clients.  We work closely with small businesses to help them articulate a sound strategy that drives profit goals, establishes their brands, and increases customer loyalty and retention.

While the excitement around DM is understandable, we often see companies falter in their attempts to use this powerful tool due to their lack of planning.  This is why FD places great emphasis on strategy.

Measuring success in DM for some means creating a web site or social media profile.  Beginning these strategies is not the accomplishment, just the beginning.  So we’ve thought a lot about what you need to do before creating the profile to help you accomplish those goals.

While our client portfolio ranges, we focus our efforts on developing sound strategy for small businesses and cause based organizations. Contact us today about developing a DM strategy for your organization.

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