If you build it…

We all know the phrase (If you build it they will come)  but in digital marketing, this saying is – well wrong.  Dead wrong.

Yet, unfortunately many of our clients seem to believe it.  They fill up on cool websites and see the strategy as something they can’t invest in right now.  So after building their new sites, we add on the analytics package.  A couple of months later when clients return for services we go over the data for their sites.  That meeting is more compelling than any sell we could make on analytics, because they find that building it doesn’t necessarily result in traffic and conversion.

It’s a hard lesson but valuing strategy is the right thing to do.

The Street Team Goes Digital

We’ve started doing strategy for a couple of independent music labels and in this realm we’ve discovered digital street teams.  We didn’t coin the term but it’s like the people that used to give out fliers at venues like concerts and clubs, are now promoting their artists and events online.  It’s a very interesting approach.

By the looks of things the approach these digital street teams take tends to be general blanketing.  Some of the tactics they use can vary but that’s true for plenty of marketing agencies, particularly those delving into digital.  There are some benefits.  One of the benefits is credibility.  There are a million artists pushing their own music, so having a team is helpful.  Also tackling a lot of message boards and spreading the word using social media is easier with a team.

Digital street team.  Interesting…

The Economist: Special Report on Social Networking

The Economist did a great job of examining social networks.  There were about 10 in depth articles that looked at the growth of social networks, privacy, how they impact the work environment, and future profitability.  Weaved in these articles are some ways businesses have effectively used digital media (of which social media is one part).

The special report was in the January 30-February 5 edition of the weekly publication.  There is even an article “A peach of an opportunity” that focuses in on how small businesses are using the networks to grow.

Here are some gems from the report:

  • “Nielsen, a market-research firm, reckons that since February 2009 they have been spending more time on social networking sites than on e-mail, and the lead is getting bigger.”
  • A film called “The Social Network” will be released this year.  It’s about Facebook.
  • “The executives’ biggest concern was that social networking would lead to social notworking, with employees using the sites to chat with friends instead of doing their jobs.”
  • “Sprinkles, a cupcake bakery with stores all over America and nearly 94,000 fans of is Facebook page, posts a password to that page every day which can be redeemed for a free cake by a certain number of visitors to its shops.”

It’s a great read, and well worth it for business owners and marketers alike.

View the Report Online

Storytelling is Changed Forever

As it turns out, there are a lot of industries and businesses that have not embraced digital media but are being dragged into it by leadership that want to do cool things, employees that want these new tools and some communicators (mostly in non consumer goods industries) don’t see why they should hop onboard.

This computer stuff is for the kids — doesn’t cut it anymore. Your leadership wants blogs, they want good ideas shared, and they want it yesterday.

We’re working on a great deck that will be shared online right after the presentation. It’s a private event or we’d upload video too.

Here’s the one liner though: The way people tell stories has changed. You should care about this if storytelling is your job. Presentation day should be enlightening and interactive!

This is another FD offering that customers can take advantage of. We do deck preparation as well as consult with companies of all sizes on how and WHY they should be focusing on implementing and perfecting their approach to digital media.

Drop us a line!

Recycle – Reuse – Repurpose

When you’re focused on maintaining a dynamic website, content is king. When you’re developing your content you want to think about what the site will be and how you want people to interact with it.  The type of content depends on your goals for the site.

Your whole website does not need to be recycled material, and it makes sense to create some key pieces from scratch, but re-purposed content presents an opportunity to edit and reuse something you’ve already done.  Remember that your old/new content should be aligned with the goals you first outlined for the site.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Cross-post videos you’ve placed on YouTube or Vimeo, to your website.
  • Reuse images from brochures, catalogs, etc… to spruce up the site.
  • Event pictures – If your company does events, it’s
  • Create twitter feed (If you use this service) so your updates post to your site
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