The first thing you should know about us is that we love digital marketing. We love the leveling effect the internet has had on business. The little guy can start a business and use the internet to compete successfully with the giants.

Anybody can start a web site. Anybody can create a profile on facebook or twitter. Maybe you’ve even already done those things with limited success. What we are going to do is sit down and think about your business, your customers, and your product or service and customize an impactful approach. We are a digital marketing firm that asserts the value of creating a strategy before implementing these solutions. Our business focuses on understanding the spectrum of digital marketing solutions and being able to assess and recommend a course of action that will be most beneficial.

Our key products FDInsights and FDIntensive, offer solutions customized to your needs and your budget. Not every organization has the budget for a full strategy workup and FDInsights offers just that, solid insights for the basis of your digital strategy. You are going to have to do more work to fully realize your strategy, but it is a strong boost in the right direction.

FDIntensive is the full offering of a digital strategy you can implement immediately. We do deep analysis of your business and industry. We further analyze your target customer and competitors. This report also comes with an in depth description of the solutions you could implement along with the commitment required and suggested metrics defining success.

For some clients, they don’t stop at strategy. They want us to help implement that strategy. So we do copy writing and editing, site usability reports, social media profile maintenance, the whole shebang. If it’s not on the list… just ask. Our consulting rates are reasonable.  Let’s talk soon.

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