HU Community Choir

We had the opportunity to film the Howard University Community Choir concert. If you would like to purchase a download of the performance, have the DVD mailed, or both – please fill out the following form. If you have any trouble, please send an email to


  • Mailed DVD – $10.00 + $2.50 for shipping
  • Download file – $10.00
  • Both types (emailed and mailed DVD) – $20.00 (FREE SHIPPING)
Video Delivery

If you build it…

We all know the phrase (If you build it they will come)  but in digital marketing, this saying is – well wrong.  Dead wrong.

Yet, unfortunately many of our clients seem to believe it.  They fill up on cool websites and see the strategy as something they can’t invest in right now.  So after building their new sites, we add on the analytics package.  A couple of months later when clients return for services we go over the data for their sites.  That meeting is more compelling than any sell we could make on analytics, because they find that building it doesn’t necessarily result in traffic and conversion.

It’s a hard lesson but valuing strategy is the right thing to do.

The Street Team Goes Digital

We’ve started doing strategy for a couple of independent music labels and in this realm we’ve discovered digital street teams.  We didn’t coin the term but it’s like the people that used to give out fliers at venues like concerts and clubs, are now promoting their artists and events online.  It’s a very interesting approach.

By the looks of things the approach these digital street teams take tends to be general blanketing.  Some of the tactics they use can vary but that’s true for plenty of marketing agencies, particularly those delving into digital.  There are some benefits.  One of the benefits is credibility.  There are a million artists pushing their own music, so having a team is helpful.  Also tackling a lot of message boards and spreading the word using social media is easier with a team.

Digital street team.  Interesting…

CDC Africa

We are currently developing a simple site for CDC Africa.  This is a new nonprofit organization that is going to provide medical services in Africa.  While there are many organizations currently engaged in this good work, CDC Africa has an interesting angle.  Most of their volunteer doctors and board of directors are actually from Africa.

How exciting is that?  We’ll let you all know when the first version of the site launches.  As they begin to hire staff, we are going to develop a more functional site and do a FD Intensive report to help them reach their core donor base, volunteers,  and other critical audiences.

Stay tuned!

Digital Insights for the Game Changers

There are so many exciting organizations out there. Small business start-ups, nonprofits, etc… that are working hard to engage an audience online, but have not developed any basis for a digital strategy.  We’re here to help – and being new in the DC area we hope to make a meaningful splash.

Firm Digital is offering an FD Insights Report to a newer game-changing organization.   (FDInsights is a great starting place for organizations looking to explore digital marketing solutions. It provides overarching industry trends and ideas you can implement to increase your brand awareness.)

Here are the rules:

Submit a simple Word document or PDF about your organization.  Submissions will be accepted until Friday, April 30, 2010.  In this submission, please include:

  • Name and website of the organization
  • Why you do what you do
  • Your Story (Be creative)
  • Why you think a sound digital marketing strategy is key to your business

That’s it.  Look forward to hearing from you and helping your business grow.  Submissions will be accepted at

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